Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sea View

The area location

The apartment is located in the central area of Sekala. This area is provided with all the different kinds of service and entertainment. A number of famous worldwide restaurants are located there like McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, Hardees, King Burger, and the Italian restaurant Toscanini. In addition, there are also some local restaurants like Felfela, and House Fish.

A number of discos are found too in this area like Calypso, Aqua Fun …etc.

One of the famous characteristics of the area is easiness of making shopping, as there are a number of supermarkets and shops like Abu Ashara supermarket and the souvenir shops, which are widely spread in the place.

CIB, General Societe, HSBC, and the National Bank are among the banks, which are located in this area too.

Some cafes are found in the place like Costa Café and a number of local ones as well.

The apartment location

This apartment is located in Serafy Village, which neighbors a number of famous hotels like Sunrise Holiday to the right hand side and MoonValley, La Guna, Ramoza, Aqua Fun and Roma.

The seaview

The apartment has a fantastic panoramic view over the Red Seawith its islands as the viewer can easily see three of it in the sea. In addition, the apartment has the same beautiful view over all the area around with a big number of neighboring hotels, which are located in a half circle on the Cornish street.

The beach

The apartment has its private beach, which belongs to SerafyVillage. This beach is neighboring the beach of Sunrise Holiday.

The Security

The security service is provided 24 hours.

The Garage

The building is provided with a garage. In addition, the inside street, where the building exists, is quite wide.

The architecture of the apartment

The building was designed to face directly the sea and the apartment has the same advantage. In the same time, the area of the apartment was wisely used to make the panoramic view over the sea and the area wide enough. A big reception and a balcony were designed to give the pleasure of seeing the view. The kitchen was also designed to be open to the big hall to make the most of the apartment area and make the place spacious and well ventilated. The apartment has 140m2 and this area is divided to 3 bedrooms, bathroom, American style kitchen and a big reception. A small area was left to add more ventilation to the apartment and increase the view over the sea.

The payment

The advantage of the apartment way makes it easy to buy as the buyer will give 50% of the total amount and the rest will be paid after finishing is completed. This makes it quite acceptable for it gives a good choice to the buyer to choose the type of finishing he/she likes.