Thursday, January 8, 2009

Arabia Building

This residential unit is located in the area of El Dahar and exactly in the district of Arabia. This residential unit has many advantages, and attraction elements, which may attract anyone to buy his property in it, and take this place as his/her holiday property, or his/her permanent residence.

The best location of this property is one of the main factors for its attractions:
  • This building is located in one of the famous areas we have in Hurghada_ Dahar, in the district of Arabia.
  • This project was designed to be built in the Cornish in the district of Arabia.
  • In the same time, the building faces some of the famous and important neighboring buildings like El Salam hospital and Belair hotel.
  • As the building is located in the Cornish of Arabia, its location makes it enjoying the sea view of the Red Sea.
  • For the facing building are not high, the unit has a unique location, which provides a wide range of sea view.
The architecture of the unit makes all the apartments enjoy the sea view: The design of the building is provided with balconies and windows to make the apartments, which are located in the residential floors, enjoy the Red Sea

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