Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Hurghada is well served by its mail services, phone companies and has technologically advanced telecommunications systems to offer services such as mobile communications, wireless, and cable. Truly, travelers can stay very well served for their communication requirements.

The mail service in Hurghada is run by three brands:

  • DHL is the leader in courier, express, and parcel delivery services - both local and global. Whether it is documents or parcels, road or air.

  • Middle East courier service or MECS is the pioneer and first Egyptian Domestic Courier Company in Egypt fully authorized and licensed by the Egyptian Postal Authority.

  • The Post Office the postal services are the oldest services rendered by Egypt Post, serving a large segment of the Egyptian citizens. Postal services witnessed remarkable developments in the last years to cope with the accelerating international development in the postal services. The services are varied now to include sending mail and parcels all over the country.

There is huge range of phone service providers, as well as, internet cafes and wireless providers that covers all the needed requirements

  • El Masria for telecommunications is the main phone provider in Egypt.

  • Mobinil is the leading Mobile service operator in Egypt. The company was built as the first mobile provider in Egypt in May 1998.

  • Vodafone is the international mobile provider, which provides its service in Egypt as well.

  • Etisalat has appeared as a mobile provider to add more strength to the telecommunication system in Egypt.

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