Friday, April 24, 2009


Throughout the year, visitors to Hurghada and the Red Sea area can enjoy sunshine, sunbathing, and all the other activities, which are so satisfying for all those are looking for the joy of relaxation on the sea resorts.

The desert climate dominates the area of the red sea which can be described as hot, sunny and dry without a rainfall almost all the year; especially, in June and August where the temperature degrees reach a maximum height of 38 °C and fall about 4 °C in the next month. The visitor can enjoy a so lovely evening with low humidity, in summer, with a so pleasant sea breezes which gives a so encouraging motif to enjoy the night life as the temperature degrees fall about 10°C at night.

The winter lasts three month starting from December to February where the temperature degrees fall to 23 °C in the end of December. It remains always sunny and warm.

The sea temperature remains almost all the year without a big difference between its degrees as it reaches 25°C and falls to 22°C in winter to enable everybody practicing all the sea activities the year round.

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